app contains notification ads are not removed from Google Play !

Google Play allow to publish app contains notifications ads!

Here is example:
This app use airpush notification ads.
Earlier Google Play removed apps using notifications ads, but now Google Play does not enforced new policy.
Apps contains notification ads are not removed from Google Play!

Yes, I saw a lot of apps with notifications which are still alive…

they are not allowing the new apps with notification ads i guess!

What is interesting, according to google play policy, every app must complain this policy, not only new publications, old active publications must complain this policy. So developers should stop this ads or undo publications or make update. Why Google Play when they update policy at first remove a lot of app, but NOW it is legal? Developers do not know what to do, because notification ads give higher revenue. In addition when most of developers do not use notification ads, but these developers who using notification ads have higher revenue.

There is a HUGE difference between sending push notifications about your app’s new features or stuff like that AND sending push notifications with ads. The first are allowed, the second are forbidden.

You can try and report them if it’s so important to you, but I guess sooner or later Google will ban everyone who pushes ads to their users.

p.s. the above app doesn’t seem to be very popular, that’s why it didn’t got caught by Google’s radar yet