[APP] Change call screen theme with color theme

Unique call screen 2024

You want to change the incoming call screen but don’t know how?

With Call Screening, it’s easier than ever. You have over 9,999 free themes available so you can freely create colorful and artistic call screens.
Color Phone utility app brings your desired changing experience on the incoming call screen.

Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.colorphone.colorfultheme.callscreen

Main features of Call Screen Theme: Color Phone
:bouquet: More than 9,999 color themes, colorful call screen themes: anime, animals, neon lights, holiday,…
:bouquet: Color call flash screen themes
:bouquet: Customize avatar, call button, incoming call ringtone for each person
:bouquet: Change ringtone for each call screen
:bouquet: Update color screen and call button regularly

  • Personalize call screen
    The incoming call screen is customized according to your preferences and the special things you want to give to each person in your contacts.

  • Customize avatars and call screen buttons
    In addition to the wallpaper, Call Screen also gives you the ability to change your avatar and 2 unique call buttons as highlights in the call screen.

  • Change call ringtone
    Additionally, Call Screen Theme is created to provide ringtones so you can identify calls just by listening to the sound of your phone.

  • Call screener is very easy to use with just 1 touch you can get unique and impressive call themes

Combining the features on Call Screener will bring you extremely unique and creative call screen experiences.

  • Update change ringtone feature
  • Optimized user experience in the Call Screener app
  • Fix bugs

:fire: Create 10,000+ colorful themes for your call screen.
:fire: Incoming call screen makes color phone screen call special
:fire: Call screen themes are simple and easy to use
:fire: Colorful call screen for phone color screen participants
:fire: Change your call screener: ringtone, call button, avatar

Anime call screen theme :star_struck: