[App Brain] [ISSUE] [Help Needed] Not able to change selected countries.

Hi everyone,
Recently I have started using AppBrain for promotion. Started promoting one app with selecting countries as “All”. But now I want to change it only for “Asia” market. So, I moved to “overview” tab, inside “Edit Country Selections” and selected the required countries. Saved it and got a popup as “Promoted app was saved”. But if I refresh the page, it is still moved back to previous “ALL” selection. Have anyone faced this problem before ?


I experienced the same problem too, now it is solved :slight_smile:

Wasted a couple bucks on low performing countries though.

When it is solved. today ?

yes, just a moment before my comment.

Ok…I have sent one mail today morning. Got their reply. Maybe my mail has fixed it :smiley:

Yea their support works really well