[APP][BETA][4.0+] Yolify - An upcoming bucket list app

Hi everyone,

we are currently working on a new Android bucket list app and we wanted to share with you how it is going. We know there are already a few bucket list apps on Google Play, but they miss many features in our opinion, moreover they lack in social aspects. Some of the features in our app:

  • A discover screen to find life goals and the ability to add them to your bucket list
  • Upload images and write tips & experiences to any goal
  • Find and follow people with similar interests
  • An activity feed to see what goals the people you follow are achieving

The app is about 80% complete so we set up a website to show the main features to the public. If anyone is interested, you can sign up hereand you’ll be notified by email when the app launches. Feel free to post questions, comments and suggestions, it would help us a lot.