[APP] Battery Monitor v1.30

Battery Monitor: provides real time battery information. including:

  1. the battery temperature and remaining time
  2. the battery status including health, voltage, power, level and so on
  3. you also can change the power settings through the Battery monitor
  4. The most important feature is Battery Monitor can analyze historical data, and you can see the history information of battery.

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glgjing.hulk

thanks for downloading

Very Nice app for monitoring the battery and if would be the best for the users to monitor their usage.

could someone who download it tell me it good to use or not?
i had never turn to apps,but only search for sometips about battery like
1.Reduce the screen brightness as much as you can.
2.Close the push notification
3.Ban of sending diagnostic data.
4.Ban of push-email function.
5.Limit Ad Tracking.
6.Close the Bluebooth and reduce the mobile’s vibrator and voice.
7.Reduce the use of positioning services and APP.