App banned for System Interference( i'm using Mobario SDK)

hi, i received an email from google play

This is a notification that your application,********, with package ID *******, has been removed from the Google Play Store.

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the System Interference provision of the Content Policy.

I’m using Mobario SDK , i contacted the support of Mobario they are saying they compilant with google play policy i sent an email to google play explaining the situation they respond :
We have reviewed your appeal and will not be reinstating your app. This decision is final and we will not be responding to any additional emails regarding this removal.

Any one has the same issue ?

Hi @hirako,

I am very surprised at your post. Did you only use Mobario? If so, I think you would be the first ever developer to only have Mobario on their app.

Did you join today the forum? I have never seen you here before…

Maybe you can share more information so we can better understand who you are and what happened. For example, what did you place in the init( ) ?

The Mobario Team

@hirako, you need to provide more details to make the discussion meaningful. app name, installs, other sdk’s, date of integration with mobario etc?

i integrate mobario sdk on my new app i wanted to try it
first day 1K install the next day i got banned reason : System Interference

What kind of app, what exactly does your app do? Maybe your app itself is causing system interference…just give some food to people

I’m using the same code with other apps and they still live on playstore so i’m sure that my app is not causing system interference

and your other apps are integrated with only Mobario SDK as well?

no i’m using other ad network , i used mobario for only one app and it get kicked out from playstore

As I told you guys, Mobario is the source of the problem. They are NOT compilant with google play policy. They always blame another ad network if you have more then one. I’m wondering, who’s to blame now Mobario?

For right now you got to assume Google doesn’t want anything out of app, period.

The wording with the policy update might allow some kind of out of app SDKs. But it’s best to wait.

Anyone remember when Airpush came out? Some devs got banned temporarily because the Google police weren’t all on the same page.

Guess I was right when I mentioned the culprit is mobario.

It’s common sense becoz they not only show their widget on your apps but all the apps. Just imagine someone playing a game on their tiny phone screen and annoyed with this widget popping over all the time.

Mobario says that’s not out of app. hahahaa

Hi Guys,

A few issues that seem not too right from everything that was written here.

First, Mobario has a demo app that can be used and it is exactly the same as the product in the SDK. No other Network has such a thing. Wouldn’t Google ban our App and Developer account if our App was behind all this and not go after little apps with less than 500 install? Maybe if AirPush, StartApp, AppWiz, TapContext and the others had an App of their product on Google Play we would know if they were Compliant. Mobario does and it is not Banned and has close to 10,000 installs.

Second, This developer that claims he was only using Mobario. Guess what, I don’t buy it. He would be the first in the world. And I don’t think that any of you buy this story.
This post was done by 2 of the following:
a. An unhappy developer that was told that our system found his installs as fraudulent / automated downloads, and is looking to hurt us.
b. One of the above Networks that is looking to take the pressure off from all the posts on this forum over the last 2 weeks claiming that their SDK is non-compliant.

Lastly, I think this forum has made it very clear this week that StartApp & AppWiz are not compliant due to the changing of the Default Search, AirPush is not compliant due to the Offer Wall, and TapContext is not compliant do to misleading users with their advertising.

Mobario is a user-friendly, multi-tasking, offers out-of-app advertising, Google Compliant product. Yes, I agree that the new policies are not 100% clear and there is a lot of gray areas, but unlike the other Networks, we do not outright break any of the policy rules.

All said, we stand by our disruptive product as a leading product in the industry which is catching the eye of many Networks and Investors as a product that is changing the Mobile Advertising world.


before pointing fingers you should know that the same thing happened to me except that i was using startapp with post call manager.
they too claim to be fully compliant.

I am sorry, but its funny when you accuse other ad networks that they are interfering with other apps just because they change the home page of the browser with user´s consent something that is very common on the desktop world.

Now i tried your solution some weeks ago and i can say without a doubt its the most intrusive ad/solution ever! It stays there where ever i go if i play game/movie its always there! It is really annoying and interferes with the user experience, and the worst is that it isn´t clear how to remove the widget, at least with appgrade which i also tested was clear how i could hide it.

Please make a case study you will see that almost nobody will want a widget like yours on their phone. If Google banned icon ads and browsers bookmarks which were less intrusive then your solution, almost everyone here can agree that your widget won´t survive on the long run.

Hi Furious so you think the problem was the post call manager?

what else on earth could have been? i’ve studied the app byte by byte, can’t think of anything else maybe if some google enforcer wake up with the face on the pillow and decided to ban me coze he just feels like it that day… :slight_smile:

It could be the browser homepage? But again post call manager is a lot more intrusive so probably is the one to blame here.

I have an app that integrated Mobario + Appwiz & It still alive till now. Around 15k downloads.

We really need to separate these two to find the one to blame.