App Banned due to Ad Policy Violation. Using Airpush + Minimob + Vserv

One of my app was banned today for “Ad Policy” violation.

I was using Airpush Banners + Minimob interstitials + Vserv

I am confused now. Weren’t inapp ads supposed to be safe?

What the f*ck is going on?

Can it be due to layout of the banner ads ? In one activity the banner ads were not visible due to another layout being displayed
on top of them.

Vserv interstitials have prominent close button/link.

None of my ads are displayed on exit.

Did you add admob banners next to webview/youtube videos or any third party content?

No admob, but banners that somehow ended up going behind a layer playing videos.

well that shouldnt be a reason to ban the app itself, admob doesnt serve an ad if its hidden, can you post the email you got? That might give some insight.

Which Airpush SDK were you using? Was it new in-app SDK or some old SDK with notifications just turned off?

Hmmm. I also got this warn… But I used startapp inapp & Minimob. I removed startapp. I hope that this is not about minimob:(

No warning for me. The app was suspended outright. No exit ads at all.

I am using minimob + vserv in other apps without any problem. Only this one had Airpush new sdk.

Do you have detailed mail from google?

Are you using AirSDK for Play Store or Universal? Did your contact google support? Did you remove “Dating campaigns” at your app airpush dashboard? I just updated today 3 of my apps and added airpush banner then alternate/switch with mopub banner with the interval of 30 seconds. Now I’m wodering If what I did is safe? :confused:

The Airpush “dating campaigns” and “religious campaigns” are NOT Compliant With the policy?