App as a part of big product.

Nowadays mobile technology is getting bigger and more important for every company. The mobile business is still growing. I wonder any of you, guys have created/going to create an app which won’t be distributed by GP.
I mean app which you can sell directly to some companies as a part of bigger system with license.

What do you think?

For me it looks like app business which much bigger potential than selling on GP and shitting pants in afraid of google ban. On the other hand such thing is much much harder to maintain. You have to create it, it must be safe, you must advertise it and sell it correctly etc.

Yes you are right.Now a days most of the people are very much interested of Apps.So it will be great business very soon.

I’ve worked on a project for 4 months for a company that distributes their app in a big software prackage.

The app itself is useless if you don’t own the other software parts.

It was a good deal, atleast for me.

is that really hard to develop such app and product and most important sell it to some companies? I wonder what’s your opinon.