App Apes Winter App Contest

[FONT=arial black]About the Contest:

Submitting to App Apes is always free of charge, but the App Apes Winter app contest offers an extra special gift for those fall-winter and (fall-winter) holiday themed apps (Winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Years Eve or any other winter holiday), be they jolly, appetizing, or chilling. They can even be creepy if the winter theme is right.

To be considered the app must be tied to the Winter season (or a winter holiday) in some way. Think red Santa costume, not the evil red Satan of our Halloween contest. The app can include holiday candy or treats, colorful lights or candles, festive hats or clothes, gifts, reindeer, Santa Clause, seasonal songs, sleds, snow, snowmen, or any other person, place, or thing typically associated with the season.

[b]How to Enter:

[/b]Use the regular submission page now until December 31st at noon, Pacific Standard Time (PST) (the earlier the better for more user votes). Enter the information the submission application calls for and simply check yes in the Winter Contest option box. In addition, please put the Holiday your game is themed with in the description box, even if you think it’s obvious. (Type: Winter, if the game is just a winter themed game).

[/FONT]More Info: Winter App Contest - App Apes
Current Entries: Winter Apps - App Apes
Submission Form: Submit an App For Free Review - App Apes

Please help us spread the word about the contest via Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social media you use, so others can partake as well.

Just a reminder: There is still time to enter the Winter Contest (Until Dec. 31st)! Now might even be a good time to try your skills at making a holiday themed app. :slight_smile: