App accepted conditionally into Designed for Families Program when I didn't ask

My app (a metal weight/price calculator) update was rejected recently, because the ads were rated Teen, and part of the target audience age group was below 13. To get pass the rejection, I changed the AdMob Ad rating content to G, resubmitted the update, redid the Content rating, redid the Target audience and content. It got accepted.

Today, I received a new email saying that it was actually conditionally accepted into the Designed for Families Program, but I never said on Google Play Console that I wanted to enroll into the program. Also, my app is released into production and the Beta/Alpha version of my app are no longer supported and I don’t provide anymore update, which confuses me on why Google wants to test them.

Full email: “Your app is accepted conditionally into the Designed for Families Program on Google Play. Since the app is only available to a closed testing group, we weren’t able to test the Alpha/Beta version of this app.
Within 7 days, please add to your testing group and submit your app for another review.”