[APP][5.0+] Notification Timer ⏱️: Use stopwatch timers from the notification drawer

[b]Notification Timer[/b] lets you use stopwatch timers right from your notification drawer.

No need to open an app- view and use your timers from anywhere! :stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch:

If you track billable work hours, time spent on personal projects, hobbies, chores, exercise, sports, or anything else, then you need this app!

There are some great alternatives out there, but they all have the same major flaw: you shouldn’t have to search for an app and wait for it to open to manage your time tracking. With Notification Time, now you don’t have to!

With Notification Timer, you can access your timers from anywhere- your home screen, another app, or even the lock screen!


Main Features:
Notification timers: Timers you activate will show up in the notification drawer. You can view and use them from anywhere!
Create and manage multiple timers: You can show and hide individual timers as you need them.
Focus on individual timers: If you have a lot of active timers, the notification can get quite large. You can hide all but one timer by tapping the stopwatch icon, and show them all again by tapping it again.
Customize your timers: You can give each timer a unique display name to make it stand out. Personalize your timers with more than 40 color options. Choose to hide buttons you don’t need to avoid accidental resets and dismissals.
Deactivate/reactivate timers: Don’t need access to your timers right now? With one button press you can hide them all from the notification drawer. Press it again when you’re ready to start tracking time again. All the timers you had active before will be remembered and activated automatically!
Reset all timers: Done recording for the day? With one button press you can easily reset all timers back to time zero.
Timer history: All timer events (start/stop/reset/etc.) are automatically recorded, up to 1000 events
Set time manually: Forgot to start your timer? No worries- you can update your timer’s current time manually.
Reorder timers: Put your timers in any order you like. The order will be reflected both in the app and the notification drawer.
App themes: Dark theme is enabled by default, but a light theme is there if you prefer it.
Timer styles: Three different timer styles are available: dark, light, and black.
Functionality settings: Lots of options are available in the Settings menu for adjusting how the app and timers work.

Pro Version Features:
• Create unlimited timers (free version is limited to 3 at a time)
• Display up to 8 timers in the notification drawer at a time
• No more notification upgrade message
• Completely ad-free
• Help support future development of Notification Timer and other great apps!

Please note: due to Android technical limitations, all timers in the notification need to refresh at the same time. Because of this, you may see some hiccups or glitches while timers are running, and their displayed times might be slightly off. Paused timers will always be accurate, however.

For the same technical reasons, it is not possible to display milliseconds in the notification timers and also have responsive timer buttons. If you have a solution to this problem or know of an app that seems to have solved it, please contact me about it!

If displaying milliseconds within the app itself becomes a highly-requested feature, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Please feel free to reach out with other bug reports or feature requests and thank you for your support!

Release Notes
Version 1.0.1 (Latest):
[ul][li]Tapping a timer’s focus button in the app now activates the timer in the notification.
[/li][li]Tapping a timer’s name in the app now opens the timer settings dialog.
[/li][li]Made slight adjustments to timer dropdown menu.
[/li][li]Simplified and shortened tutorial.
[/li][li]Ads are now hidden while the tutorial is running.
[/li][li]Fixed a bug that could prevent the tutorial from progressing.
[/li][li]Fixed bug where the activate/deactivate all timers button would crash the app if a timer had recently been deleted while active.[/ul]
[/li]Version 1.0.0:
[ul][li]Initial release- Notification Timer lives![/ul]
Google Play Store:
Notification Timer (Stopwatch) :stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch: