[APP][4.2+] Blend Calendar - All-in-one Smart Calendar app - NEW features added

Blend Calendar (Beta version – formerly Slate Calendar) is an all-in-one ‘Smart Calendar’ to manage calendar appointments,tasks , bill reminders, vacation days, sports events, weather, birthdays and much more (coming soon). With its unique and optimized UI, it provides an integrated solution to manage all your activities comprising work and personal life.

NEW: Tasks / To dos with Calendar integration, Week & today page updates, World times support

Website: Blend Calendar | Smart Calendar
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.codehelixsolutions.slatecalendar


[COLOR=“#0000CD”]What’s New:[/COLOR]

Tasks : (NEW)

  • Multiple views to track tasks and integration into Calendar Day view
  • Home view: Lists tasks by Overdue+today, week, priority
  • Category view: Lists tasks grouped by categories / projects
  • Action view: Lists tasks grouped by action icons
  • Week view: Lists tasks for each day of the week
  • Toggle icon at top to show details of tasks
  • Easily mark complete or postpone a task by clicking it in detailed view
  • Due date and time: Easily set for today, tomorrow, morning, afternoon etc
  • Duration: Set duration of a task and plan your day
  • Metrics: Total duration of the tasks shown for today, week, category, action icon etc
  • Backup/Restore tasks to/from Google Drive
  • Customize task categories / projects and organize them

Week/Today pages: (NEW)

  • Week/Home page: Shows total tasks for the week
  • Today page: Shows total tasks for today
  • Week/Today (summary) home pages: Easily swap by clicking the icon at the bottom
  • World times support

Key features:

  • Home page : Week and Today pages
  • Cards View: 9 card types available (Google Now cards style)
  • Bill payment reminders and reports
  • Vacation planner
  • Weather
  • Birthdays (of phone contacts)
  • Widgets
  • Sports schedules (initial version)
  • Contacts: Manage frequent contacts - places, people - like school, work, doctor etc
  • Calendar: Day view, Week view, Month view
  • Calendar integration of various events – appointments, tasks, bills reminders, vacations, sports schedules, birthdays etc.
  • Backup & restore to Google drive
  • Settings : Lot of customization

Many new features and improvements to existing features are coming soon.

Best Regards,
Blend calendar team