[APP] [4.0+] Oroo - Another new way about image aganist instagram & snapchat

App’s Name : Oroo
Website: ?? Oroo - ???

Through all the raise management to solve the difficult choice & share the value decision!!!
Throughing the picture to transfer feelings and views of the image can let you get feedback from other people in a short time!!!
Participate in different topics, get different results!!!
Million’s choice to let you out of confusion!!!
If you have a dilemma or need to decide, try it!!!

Story of Creator

A year ago the question still know almost nobody cares. I believe another two years, three years, or in such a situation. Like in Quora.

It was found that some simple puzzles almost do not even need to know to ask questions, because there is not much time to think short wait.

Oh maybe more like a half know almost to select a specific version.

We had a choice difficult? There have been hesitant when it? When you are in when you make a decision, even if it is trivial decision, I will feel very difficult? If your answer is “yes”, then you have a lot of companions like you. Many people are afraid to make decisions because of the pain - just as our daily said hesitant, but too much will make people hesitant but subjected to enormous pressure and confusion.

Because with such a demand, a man named WoWo application emerged. There is no experience while enjoying the beautiful photos a short time while others publish content to give feedback of experience? At this time, the photo has been given a lot of practical sense, the spread of a point, to express a meaning.

Through this application the user is allowed to take pictures and also released two photos, and covered with a short text description of the meaning of this group of photos, two photos, two opposites, two conflicting views in an instant pass to other users by them through Simple gestures for you to solve the problems of this “wonderful” moment, as a decision, that is to obtain a different value within a short time passed, can also help publishers to quickly resolve the doubts.

And know almost significantly different: the feedback mechanism WoWo its decision and feedback speed can not know almost the same language, the user can almost get a best answer from several choices instantaneous.

Of course, oh and not to know almost as exhaustive answer questions, he can help you quickly get the best answer from several alternative answers!


You can retrieve the “Oroo” in the Appstore or GooglePlay.

Or downloaded directly through the mobile phone browser to visit the official website above. ?? Oroo - ???

GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.messina.oroo

thanks for reading

thanks for reading

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