[APP][2.2+] CloudAmpz - Cloud Music Player

CloudAmpz is a cloud storage music player.

Stream music from your Google Drive, Dropbox and Box accounts to your mobile device or Chromecast receiver.

The ideal solution for storing your entire music library in one central location.

Features for latest version (1.5.0):

[li] Supports streaming from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and local device storage.
[li] Audio Formats Supported: MP3, FLAC and OGG.
[li] Chromecast Support.
[li] Playlist Support: Supports the m3u playlist format.
[li] MusicBrainz and AWS powered album art.
[li] ChartLyrics powered lyrics feed.
[li] Multiple Accounts support.
[li] Built-in Equalizer.
[li] Convenient, smooth, and intuitive user interface.
Available in both free and paid (ads free) versions.

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