Apology to Slidme

I’ve mentioned in a forum post previously that I thought Slideme’s download stats were made up, and while perhaps that single comment doesn’t really call for an apology I would still like to correct things and say that I’m sorry.

On the last update of my battery widget I created different packages for each app store I stuck it on so that I could track which stores the downloads were coming from. It’s led to some interesting stats for markets.

Firstly, slideme’s download stats appear to be quite accurate, and on top of that it seems the active installs are higher too (difficult to get exact stats, but returning visitors for slideme appears to be higher than google play).

For the last 7 days these are the market stats (for new users) from my Google Analytics:
Slideme: 422
Google Play: 410
Getjar: 57
Appslib: 23
Anzhi: 17

Anzhi was only added in the middle of the week.
I have left out app stores that have less than 10 downloads.

So slideme is actually a very active market and definately worthwhile using.

can you also tell where the userbase of slideme is located? I would be interested in knowing which type of user is using slideme for example …

Sure, here’s the list for the last 9 days:
South Korea 107
Turkey 99
United States 85
Iran 31
Egypt 26
India 23
Brazil 15
Chile 14
Australia 13
Bangladesh 12
Japan 12
(there’s another 27 countries with 1-9 users which I’ve left out of the list)

I suspected as much because only good new apps got many downloads on SlideMe when released. The worse looking only had a few downloads. I like SlideMe - they have clear developer panel and is easy to use. Amazon should learn from them.

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