Apocalypse Countdown Wallpaper


I have released a new Live Wallpaper four days ago: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.wolfgangknecht.apocalypse

It’s a simple countdown ending on December 21, 2012 (the apocalypse prediction of the mayan calendar).
The user can choose a custom image as background and the counter can be placed anywhere on the screen.

Till now the wallpaper has only 3 downloads. But that doesn’t matter. I took me about 5 hours from the idea to the market. It’s not to much wasted time. And maybe downloads increases when the deadline is coming closer :cool:

I’m curious. What does it do post December 21st?

The countdown ends at 0:00 which means the world has 24h left… so the first 24h after the end of the countdown it’s simple a countup and finally on december 22 instead of the countdown the following text appears: “You are still here? Strange! Don’t worry, the next Apocalypse is certain to come. Stay tuned!”

That’s it. Maybe I have a better idea before the world ends… There’s still some time for an update :rolleyes: