APK Translations

I started looking into getting one of my apps translated into different languages and wanted to see what services people are using. I checked out Google’s new translation service, and looks like that would cost me around $200 to get my app translated to one language. I also checked out ackuna.com, which offers free translations from people that just want to help.

Has anybody had any luck with any particular site or have any suggestions?


Check out these sites:
ICanLocalize ? Expert Translation at Unbeatable Prices

Main | Pootle Demo

Lokaligo - Online localization management service for Android and iOS

But, ackuna translate free for you? I don’t understand.

I have spent $1000 for translation, targeting most of European languages and other languages with a lot of users like Japanese and Korean. I do get more good ratings from those countries.

If you have a good app and the user is growing steady, just spend some money on it. It’s sort of investment.

Ackuna will let you upload your strings.xml and pick the languages that you want your file translated in. Then if there are any translators that are interested in your app, they will translate it for free, but nothing is guaranteed.

I posted my app on there almost a week ago and so far have about 10% of it translated.

Thanks for the links. I will check these out!

Thanks for the info. I may have to eventually give in and have it professionally translated. My app does have lots of text (around 300 strings, ~2000 words), but I’m not sure if less than 200 downloads per day would be worth the investment.

If that’s the situation, I don’t think you should consider localising your app at the moment.

Ackuna.com, as I had mentioned in my previous post, has been working pretty good. I re-posted my strings.xml file on there again to be translated in several more languages and I’m getting way better results than I had expected, especially since it is a free service. So far, it has been completely translated to Spanish, and the German, Russian, and Portuguese translations are coming along nicely. Unfortunately, since I know very little or nothing about these languages, I have no idea how accurate they are.

We have used ackuna.com as well (for the crowdsourced translation) - it helped us translate our game in 5-6 languages (we have 338 phrases). Additionally, unbabel.co is extremely cheap and fast for store translations (around $0.02 / word). They don’t have many languages yet though. We also paid for a Japanese translation at OneSky.com (~$600 for description and game). It doesn’t perform particularly well for Japan (dunno if it’s the translation or the game itself). But they do provide a REALLY good crowdsource integration which you can use, so if you have a large player base, you can ask them to contribute. You can check out how it works for us: Parudi Translation Center - Translation Management Platform by OneSky