Apink - Dilemma | Apink Special Album [HORN] Showcase

I completely agree with the previous comment that for some Naeun fans it is sad for her absence from the scene.

I have been following their work for a long time, and I admire people like that, who can give their all in the work they love so much. And these girls love what they do. I hope that they will continue to be successful, and they will not stop at their current hits. The fact that they already got their fame makes them realize that they shouldn’t stop; people liked not certain notes of the melody, but their whole presentation on stage. I try to write songs in my mood; I consider it my hobby. If you need to make your album or song famous, I have great music promotion companies that will help you do that. Even if you only have an outline, do not be afraid to show your talent further; just turn, and you will be helped with the initial ideas.