Anyone who knows about Android app for taxi service?

Hello Everyone,
Please pardon me if I sound too amateur.I am kinda new to android programming, so my knowledge on android is kinda limited. I am working on a project where I have to come up with some reports(research) and one of them is on an android application which is focused on taxi service. i.e an user can request for taxi through this app and he/she can also see where the taxi is at the moment (something like google map view). Its free of cost. I think the app will make some financial agreements with the taxi company itself.
SO MY QUESTION IS, how much should such an app development cost and how long should it take to complete (at least a working prototype), along with what are other necessary things that one might need for this project?

Thank you in advance.

Him I think you dream to implement this system to your country and compete with the domestic companies there. You can make all your system about 200 dollars by using freelancer websites. The problem comes after building that is promoting through medium of people. This costs so much money and making feel them good. If you want to talk more leave message to

grab taxi is recommend apps

I think $200-300 is reasonable investment to get this plot materialized. You are lucky or sort of unlucky as there are already dozens of such application available on market. However, there are certain things which you can do to make yours a unique and more helpful one. The shape of final app, actually depends a lot on your geographical location and the taxi company under your consideration for partnership. I have got a suggestion for you! Consider integrating a fare payment option in your application. You can also think about a rating system, through which the users or travelers can rate the driver who served them…

i can make it for you !

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