anyone want to share cost of DexGuard?

You’re all probably familiar with Proguard but dexguard is the commercial version which has much better Android obfuscation. It’s €350 which is a bit steep. Does anyone want to go in halves on the cost and share a copy?

Mods, I don’t know if this post is allowed, I said I’d ask anyway!

I hope my post is at the right place here. One guy from GDG community told me about DexProtector, it is the Android application obfuscator too. Some say it has very good obfuscation. It has a trial version, and also I have been given the coupon code which gives 30% discount, I believe it is still work - jPqt964mwGai. The cost of the DexProtector is $500, with the code $350 (~€260).
Hope this will help somebody.

One guy told you about it ?
Come on… :smiley:

It was you? :slight_smile: If so, thank you very much again! As I can evaluate it really does good protection.

Hey guys, I suggest you to check out project, which will be launched soon. It is an instant code-free Android app protection solution,developed by It will be affordable to even smallest indie developers. No licenses,3 digit sums,annual subscriptions or whatever-just a one time micro fee and your app is safe from most of security issues. And yes, the protection of 3 any APK files is included for free :wink: