Anyone Using SDK Planet / SDKPlant

I received an email recently from sdk planet ( an ad network offering me an Average of $15 daily per 1000 daily active users DAU if I gave them ads slot in my apps.

I have apps that achieve almost 10,000 DAU So i stand to make about $150 a day translating to $4500 a month.
I’ve tried to search for reviews of this ad network here and on other forums(Fora) but came up short.

Has Anyone tried them out?

Are they talking about their ecpm on iOS perhaps? $15 ecpm for interstitials on Android is completely unrealistic.

No, they sent to me through my emai that’s visible from Google Play

Just took a look at their website. Couldn’t find a proper impressum. They only say they are based in Shanghai and there is a Super Mario Interstitial on the front page. I’d stay away from this.

Super Mario hahaha now that sh!t was funny when I saw it.

If you read it they are saying per DAU not impression. They might need to spam an ad every 5 seconds to your users in order to pay that… and good luck keeping 10,000 DAU if you did that.

10,000 DAU, means you need to earn ARPDAU of only $.015 to hit $150/day. That should be a relatively obtainable goal if your users are engaged.

Thanks for the clarification. I totally read it wrong. This is a very weird way to describe the income and doesn’t at all consider how many bootups + ad impressions you have.

Its funny you said that cause I downloaded a game a while back and in the middle of the level a video AD appeared and I was like wtf!! Then when I beat the level there was another pop up. So I thought it was a glitch but when I played more, everytime I died was a video AD. Deleted on 1st day, the game was a AD machine.

Most of our apps are pretty heavy with ads. Certainly its a better user experience without them but you have to pay the bills somehow. It’s great to be able to offer content without requiring the user to pay money. The cost of that is ads but I think its a fair exchange of value and if you do it right the experience can still be quite tolerable.

Here’s the link, incase anyone was wondering,

Also when I emailed them asking for more information, I’ve never been gotten back too. @StevePof has an ecpm of $25, I’m on it, some months horrible, others terrific.

Please do share your experience with Ogury. I like the presentation of the ads and their strategy seems really clever. My concern is that the permissions requires are extensive and they are collecting a ton of data about the users. I wouldn’t mind that all with a $25 CPM, except the fill rate on the apps we tried is like 1%. Effectively that is giving them the data for all your users for free since they rarely show ads. That means you could compare them to other SDK’s that pay you simply for the trackig and data they would collect.

They are definitely a company we are following and I could imagine them having a valuable role in our network if they are able to increase fill substantially.

I posted about them last year here
Some people didn’t believe me, and yes their permissions are intrusive, last month I made $914 from them. This month so far $14. They have a very erratic fill rate, they aren’t suitable for sole monetization of apps, I still employ admob banners and IAPs

from their faq

“Currently we have Banners, Pop-up, Interstitials, Game-out pop, Splash Interstitial, Video Banner, Click to Call and Moving Banner. The most widespread and profitable formats are the Game-out pop. These advertisements might have different configurations depending on the products offered. But they have the same configurations as Game-out pop with “Accept/Close” buttons for users. In these campaigns, It will be automatically collected the email and IP fields, as well as the postal code if the Geolocation is available.”

So they collect email and ip fields. In general I don’t like this kind of solutions. I remember Google putting the hammer on Appayable ( i think it was them) for such behaviour

Thanks, that is a great overview of their offering. We did $700 something with them last month and $13 so far this month so similar results. We could have earned more then $13 from this amount of volume (DAU and total users) from a company that pays only for data they collect and don’t even show ads. That is the problem of Ogory and also I guess deserves a compliment for a very clever strategy they have come up with to get this data cheaply.

Do you know any strictly DAU networks that pay well, would be a nice increment to my monetization sources. is on our list to try. It will require people to keep the app installed for an extended period of time and opt-in to a privacy policy which basically says you don’t have any. Then on a monthly basis they claim to pay $.10 per DAU for US users. So it could increase ARPDA by $.003, which is meaningful. These kind of services do make me nervous if Google decides they don’t like them. We’ll start slowly with some low volume apps in an isolated account but I’m optimistic this will be a valuable addition to our toolset.