anyone using Phunware (tapit) ?

hello guys

i want know if anyone using them and how is ur ecpm and fill rate and its CPI or CPM ?


I use them. here’s the thing you have to have a “good” app and they can set the type of offers for you. CPM, CPC, CPI. If you have a brand worth app and have good ad request you 'll need to ask them to just place it to CPM & CPC.

Although, I would allow all because brands are very specific with targeting and have budgets but most budgets come from Install ads (apps). So check your ego and say, do I want great brands or do i just care about earnings… If the latter leave it as such. If you have any questions, I’ve basically tired “EVERY” ad network and mediation layer PM me.



I use phunware for a year, I got payment for one time.
Now I can not reach anybody and they didn’t pay.

While we have not heard anything negative about phunware, we support them with Enhance™.
Give them a shot! You won’t have to spend hours of coding an sdk just to see if you like them.