Anyone using Ogury?

Anyone can share any of his experience with Ogury?

They promise very hige ECPM (25$!) have very smooth integration process and great online support, but still i can barely see any posts related to anyone using their network.


Fill rate is really low in this network.

25$ eCPM is bullshit… :slight_smile:

stay with solid networks with proven track of records…

How low is it? in case there is no available ads you can always show adds from other network.

If you are talking about 5% its not worth it becasue they require some heavy permissions

Their permissions to read and write shortcuts + browser history scare the shit out of me. I’d stay away from them, it sounds dangerous.

fill rate < 2%

Actually i have heard it from my friends. I have found it from online. but i see this price is very expensive for me. Do you have any discount about it ?