Anyone using Madvertise?

Is anyone using Madvertise at the moment? Ive read in the past its been pretty good but haven`t heard anyone here mention it for a while.

I`m looking at using just banner ads at the moment and was thinking of running something else alongside Admob to compare.

Hi, Spudgun

Im using Madvertise’s banner ads. I left you some poor numbers for the last 4 weeks:

Request: 122.258
Fillrate: 8,96%
Clicks: 202
CTR: 1,84%
Revenue: 10,79€

As you see, the big problem with this German Network is the poor Fillrate.


Same story for me. I haven’t allocated them much traffic recently, because of poor performance. FWIW, here are my figures for past 4 weeks:

Requests: 26,847
Impressions: 3,146
Fillrate: 11.72%
Clicks: 42
CTR: 1.34%
Revenue: 1.05€

UPDATE: And yes, Madvertise was great for me in the past. I’ve made around about 3000€ with them in total, they paid on time & everything. Just in recent months I’ve been unable to get the same results.

I just removed madvertise. My numbers were:
Requests: 77.426
Impressions: 2.074
Fillrate: 2,68% (sic!)
Clicks: 0 (?)
CTR: 0%
Revenue: 0.24 euro.
It was used in a not popular game as a backfill to admob.

I tried madvertize cause of the big money you should gain from it…
But then I tried it for a few days and it always just said “no ads available”.
So I kicked it directly.

Thanks for the info guys, will steer clear for now on that basis! :slight_smile:

madvertise is only good if you have a lot of euro traffic. otherwise it’s terrible.