Anyone using Heyzap?share please..


Anyone using heyzap?share here please :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m using their network right now. Thet sdk is very simple. You can add the ads with 2-4 line of code

I am using them from 8 months. They are good with payments and their integration is so simple…

Yes I also think that SDK is easy to used… Is the payment on time? How the payment schedule? Is paid every 15th?

They pay net-15 and I remember that they acquired by yahoo adnetwork 2 months back…now their eCpm in increasing…

Please share eCPM for Brazil/Russia/USA anyone thx.

Net-15 or net-30? Is February revenue will be paid on March 15th or April 15th?

Sorry my bad…Its net-30 basis…If user reaches 100$ in January they process payments in March 1st and you receive money to your account by March 15…they say net-30 bug it seems net-45 to me…:slight_smile:

Yes…i think payment is same as net-45 :grin:

The minimum payment threshold of how much HeyZap so ???

Minimum earning should be 100$ to get paid by HeyZap …their eCpm varies month to month …some days I get like 3-5$ eCpm and sometimes I get 0.50$-2$ eCpm …I think it’s because of advertiser’s bidding change…

HeyZap have not paid on time ???

Heyzap was recently acquired by Fyber.
Fyber parent company RNTS Media acquires Heyzap | Fyber

Probably it’s better to go directly with Fyber.

Who had any experience with Fyber?

Used them for a while. Nice clean transparent website. I can’t say anything about the actual performance of their mediation. You can set everything manually or turn on their autopilot. Analytics are also there.