Anyone using EPOM ?

It is like adincube or appodeal, and they can serve admob ads without using your admob account, unlike appodeal and adincube. Going to try it. The disadvantage is that they pay with net 45. But support is responsive unlike adincube :slight_smile:

Right. Adincube won’t even respond simple emails. I signed up with epom apps 2 days ago. They’re making a custom SDK for my traffic. Their developer portal is rather basic (a little too basic I’d say). Placement keys, sdk files and stuff seem to be provided only via email, but anyways… let’s see how it goes


Thank you for your feedback. I am sure that this is a misunderstanding with NET 45. We always pay our partners with NET 30 aggregated payments, and we can review the payment terms upon the request.

Please drop me a line at Skype, and I will check everything with our team right away.

Best regards!

Also I have now good contact with adincube.