Anyone using chartboost?

Anyone is using chartboost?
How is the ecpm?
How much impressions and revenue r u getting from chartboost?
Thanks for sharing.

Can’t share exact figures, but our clients (AdBoost) are pretty happy with them.

Chartboost is a very stable high-eCPM ads network. We are using them a lot of time and are very happy! Always paying on time and without delay…

Would you guys recommend trying them on non-gaming apps?

can u share the ecpm u get with chartboost ? where does your main traffic come from ?

NOPE! Only for games, because they deliver only game-ads, and as they said: chartboost works well only on games…

I need something for non gamers?I am using admob interstitials but I am not happy with the result. The most of them are plain text. I need something like appwall or with more graphics, images to draw attention to it. What about StartApp or VideoClips? Or should I use admob with mediation?

Startapp has a good appwall ads. You can try it. I using startapp for about 2 mounth and i really happy with result. It shows from 3-4 to 16-20$ eCPM. If you wanna give it a chance, please register with my refferal link: StartApp - Developer Register

and how much per click?

I can provide you some statistic from my games: thay pay only for Clicks, and installs. per installs approximetly 1$. per clicks 0.04-0.1. My earnings is around 5-10$ per day, but my impressions count is not very high: 1200-1500/day.