Anyone using

I wan t to know if Calldorado Google play compliant or not?

Post call ads are
I know once startapp was in a mess becaauz of that

So we can use post call ads with no problem

I will not try it
Coz ad are shown outside app
Although they say its a caller id
Am not sure how google will respond once they notice it
Itd high risk

I think the best way to use it with only alternative stores

U r right outside playstore u can do anything

yeah its true

But their success stories have big apps am bit confused now

I am honestly a bit scared to try them myself. But thinking logically, it should be conform to Google Play policy… as a matter of fact you add a function to your App to show call information after a user makes or receives a call. And you show ads in that new function/page of your App. So it doesn’t violate the “out of app” ads policy from Google.
Maybe a concern maybe that you add a feature that in most cases is completely unrelated to the App functionality.

Too bad Google can decide to do every bullshit they want and ban you for whatever reason. T_T

I am interested to try them in 3rd party stores.
Has anyone actually tried?