Anyone using AUDIO ADS ?

If anyone use appington please share your experiment ?

Interesting to know about such ad network. Looks more spammy :smiley:

audio ads suck, most people wont even hear the ads since people place phones in silient mode

Unless the content of your app focuses on audio, in which case it can work (although how well is another question). But yeah, most apps are run in silent.

I would immediatly uninstall every app with audio/video ads inside and give a bad review.

Audio ads are pretty intrusive.

Hoping that your statement would not distract me from pursuing my new monetization strategy - using video interstitials as an incentivized revenue model by unlocking premium contents.

I actually would not have a problem with “video” but with the sound linked to it … it’s one of the most annoying things, when suddenly some unexpected audio appears and you have to search from where it is to turn it off… really, that will drive me away in no time from the concerned app or website (where this happens as well sometimes) …

Have you never used a radio? There are loads of radio streaming apps that have audio ads in them.
Spotify mainly uses audio ads.

It can work, it just has to match the content.

When we talk about audio-only apps/sites (like a radio) this is true. The OP didn’t mention what type of app we are talking about, so I expected a “normal” app/game :slight_smile:

You should think as app developer we spend months, weeks for building new apps and games and we spend money to promote that apps so we need to earn some money for living , but if you want to think as user the user hate to see only a small banner ad and user don’t want the developer to earn even penny so if you want to listen to the user you will never earn any penny

As a developer you create a product which you sell to a customer. So you have to have the customer in mind, when it comes to monetiziation of your product. Monetizing a product is different than squeezing every cent out of something what may not be worth the money.

You are a customer yourself most of the day so you know what you accept and what you wont accept to give someone else your money,time or support. This is true for every business.

In the case with the audio ad, you have to think, how many users will you LOSE by using those ads and how much more money you EARN because of those ads. As you can see, it’s always a matter of money, there is no magic money formula :slight_smile:

Intrusive Ads will always make you lose users, will get you bad reviews/comments and such things and in the end of the day, what counts is the money in your pocket :slight_smile: but you have to consider every aspect of the game :slight_smile: