Anyone using Airpush SmartWall in Germany?


my traffic is coming only from german speaking countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland). Whenever the airpush Appwall opens, it does not show any Ads and therefore it does not generate any revenue (CPM around 0.5$ and below). Did I implement it wrong or does Airpush just have no Ads for these countries?


that’s really wierd because my highest earning app with Airpush is one that is heavy on German traffic (but I cannot attest to Switzerland). those countries pay really high CPM on Airpush from what I thought. firstly, I would call the airpush.StartSmartWall call rather than calling the AppWall call. that made a massive difference for me.

Hi Harvstar,

Phil from Airpush here. Thanks for pointing this out. We constantly optimize delivery into all of the regions of our network and had noticed this as well. There was a slight delivery problem that must have disproportionately affected you. It has since been resolved and you will immediately see a lift in your revenue. Also, see Gordonb’s post as his tip is a good one.

Feel free to direct message me if you have any questions.

Phil from Airpush