Anyone using AdIQuity?

Hello guys,

since AdMob disabled one of my apps and AirPush dropped their fillrate to 50%, I am looking for a new banner ad network. AdIQuity looks good, but I have not heard anything about them.

My app has mainly USA users, I hover around 100-150K impressions a day. At the moment, I am using mobilecore + Airpush.

Have you guys heard of AdIQuity? Any info on their fillrate,s ecpm and so on? Thanks :slight_smile:

All I know about them is that there was a user that appeared to be very biased towards them who was posting on here last month and kept making out that their network was the best etc. Here’s a link to the user where you can view their posts: View Profile: Ruiz Palmer - Making Money With Android Forums

I haven’t seen anyone else talk about them.

I think I would never choose anything less than 1% installs from the following list:
Ad networks - Android library statistics |

Could you tell us why you said Adiquity looks good??

Being from India, I am familiar with Adiquity. I am not sure about their performance outside India though. Since most of your users are from US why don’t you try out networks who have been traditionally strong for US traffic? Like millennial or Mobfox?

Good to know that there is a website with info like this :slight_smile: Anyways, I am using MobileCore (way under 1%) and they are awesome :slight_smile: But yeah, you´re probably right.

I will probably try Millennial Media, since from what I have read, MobFox is mainly USA/EU, but I have significant amount of users from Russia too. (35% USA, 8% Russia, 7% UK, 3% Thailand and so on). I guess their eCPM is a bit smaller than AdMob, but fillrate is somewhere close to 100%, am I right?

Millennial might not give you 100% fill rate. But they definitely have a lot of high paying campaigns for US. Russia not so much. If your content is premium and you have a good enough user base you can try Tinkoffdigital/Madnet RTB for Russia… Thailand might be a different ball game altogether.

If you see your user base growing in these geographies, why dont you try mediation? Integrate and send traffic to networks strong in your top geos…