Anyone using AdinCube (now Ogury)?

Adincube is simply fantastic but I dont know, ever since it’s been acquired by Ogury, communication with support is lacking, and even payments are being delayed. Anyone else still using this network?

Having the exact same experience. Think it’s time to switch to Appodeal for me. Their support used to be so professional and fast and payments were usually same day. Now there is an illiterate unprofessional person handling their support. They changed their payment system without any notice and didn’t even inform me for a week when I was asking where my payment was.
It sucks that they got acquired by Ogury, they have a good system and easy integration etc.

Yeah, they were really good. Integration was easy, support ok, payments fast… How is with payments currently? Earlier I got it after 2-3 days from requesting. How is it now?

Only made on Thursdays now.

Well that sucks, because I requested a payment way earlier than last thursday and still nothing. I even tried contacting CEO and founder Jonathan Ferrebeuf but no one responds.

Oppps… Sounds bad… I will try to request too and i will check how it will go

I just received a payment I requested on Sunday 13th.

I requested 1 week ago but no payment or anyone responding my mail?

When you go to your payments history, your request is marked as “processing” or “requested”?


That may mean they didn’t even notice it yet

Net 1 payments? Support 24/7?!!! :confused:

I’m so angry with them. Maybe i should switch to Appodeal.

How is it going now? I have just registered an account in adincube. I have read their terms which was updated 25.05.2018. And here is what I’ve found:
Payment is made within 12 days after the Developer has requested its payment where the Minimum
has been reached. For example, if a Developer is due $120 of Old Income the 12nd of January and
requests its payment, payment will be made by the 24th.

Do you have any problems with payments or anything else?
After 1 day of integrating the sdk I have only AppLovin and RTB enabled, other networks are inactive. How long should I wait? I have more than 100k impressions already.

You should probably get in touch with support and they will manually enable demand partners. They could reply as quickly as in 5 minutes, or it could be 5 days, that’s pretty much the problem with them.

I requested payment on 22.05 and still my payment status is PROCESSING

Hi guys,
last month I asked for a payment too, and after 20 days they sent me an email asking for a photocopy of my passport and I sent it … and this month the same thing happened but in place of the passport they want my vat number … is this normal? has it happened to you too? or do they just want my passport?

I’ve used other adnetworks and nobody ever requested my passport.

I started thinking that they are looking for ways not to send payments …

Hello! I’m Yvonne from Appodeal. Just wanted to let you guys know that we have flexible payment options (including immediate payouts).
Also, we released a GDPR-friendly SDK a couple of weeks ago with Parallel Bidding included (a technology that is aimed at finding higher paying ads).
Please feel free to PM me your games if you like. Would love to check them out!

You released only bet version which has a lot of errors during the integration. So for now you doesn’t support GDPR

I use, because SDK integration has only 2 lines of code and it get paid immediately.