Anyone used free offers/rewards type of ad netork?

I got an email today from Dibbz:

Hi there,

I’m one of the co-founders of dibbz, a new type of engagement and retention solution for mobile apps and games. We introduce real-world rewards into the app experience after moments of achievement. Imagine completing a task on your to-do list or hitting a high score in your favourite mobile game and receiving a £5 voucher for Starbucks.

Whilst our solution increases user engagement and retention levels, our product also delivers a steady revenue stream. We operate a 50/50 revenue share with our developer partners and are currently working off CPE rates of as much as $1.00 to $1.50.

Our product is really unobtrusive and is something that adds to a user’s game experience as opposed to detracting from it. Below is a link to our product demo video:

Sounds like win-win type advertising for the users and the developers. Has anyone used any type of advertising network like this, and can give some experiences? Is this type of advertising legal with Google Play? I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, but who knows?

There are so many solutions out there now that it’s hard to keep track of them!

As you said, that looks win-win. I would imagine the ads are aimed more at U.S/E.U traffic though. I doubt they have that many offers covering most geos?

As to the Google Play legal issues I’m not sure. Best to read it against the latest update to the policy.

I never heard about this company but there are one which is more well known and with good history. It’s called They have the same model but this one has more history and they are in the market almost few years. Unfortunately, this is working with devs from US (well it was like that when I checked them a while ago), dont know if its still the same. You can try them.

get the same email, will give it a try

Well? Any updates from Dibbz?

Supersonicads website and ad is not wotking for me . Is anybody faceing this problem ??