Anyone use Leviteo?

anyone use Leviteo: Leviteo - Boost your app revenue!
please give your complain.

Doesn’t look Google-compliant at all, what store were you planning on using it with?

Google play, Leviteo is compliant?

Yes, we are compliant with Google Play. Our Dashboard allows you to choose type of ads you want to displays in your apps.
i.e. you can upload an app with MiniMob SDK to SlideMe (or any alternative android market) and chose pushes and icon ads, then you can upload the same app (it needs to have different package’s ID) to Google Play and select only AdWalls etc.

We pay $0.05 for each active install (one which has received at least one ad)!
All you need to do is to use promo code leviteo - detailed instruction available here: Leviteo - Boost your app revenue!
(don’t mind our home page - it hasn’t been updated yet, but StepByStep is quite up2date)

push and icon ads is compliant with new Google’s policies

No, icons and push notif. are banned by Google Play, but they are still legal on alternative android markets like

With one sdk I should download than ( I see 3 sdk to chose in your site) and with ad types should I enable to be 100% compliant with google market ? only banners and adwalls? 3rd-party ads cant be enabled yes ? You looks more professional than for ex. widdit but we need some more information how to work with step by step to be 100% compilant with google play market. There is a lot of configurations…

Everything about SDK integration you can find here. It’s Minimob’s integration guide. If you want to be compliant with Google Play policy, you can’t use ads formats which will be outside app. In order to get revenue you have to enable 3rd-party ads.

can i use all below type for publishing on google store?
MiniMob.showInAppAd(getApplicationContext(), adStatusListener);
MiniMob.showAdWall(getApplicationContext(), adStatusListener);
MiniMob.showDialog(getApplicationContext(), adStatusListener);

Yes, these ads are compliant with Google Play.

Which ads i need to implement for get 0.05 PPD value ? Is this PPD value for only USA ?

  1. You can implement any type of ads offered by MiniMob.
  2. $0.05 is valid for world-wide installs.
  3. Remember about promo code [COLOR="#B22222"]leviteo[/COLOR]

get 0.05$ when user accept dialog?

You get $0.05 when user receives first ad (any type of ad).

No, user have to see dialog ad and then you get 0.05 USD.

what is 3rd -party ads?

3rd-party ads are regular ads which you can see in your application. Ad Networks (like Minimob) provide you ads from advertisers, that’s why, 3rd - party ads have to be enabled.

so i only need to show 2 linés of code in my app
MiniMob.startAds(getApplicationContext(), adStatusListener);
MiniMob.showDialog(getApplicationContext(), adStatusListener);

Everything you need to include you can find here, its integration guide.

Hi, Leviteo, I just noticed,

Minimob adwall can show even when the app is not running anymore,

First, the instructions include to put the adwall on app exit, but when you put it on exit… your app will close it means its not running anymore but your adwall will late shown… so now it was shown outside the app and there is no text like “your app is exiting, try this blah blah…” or “thank you for using our app…” only the adwall alone outside the app.

Second, as I said adwall will too late to show (loading slow), and when you put it somewhere in your activity(app running) it will not show quickly, so here comes sometimes a scenario like if you will quickly press back button to exit or home button while the adwall is not showing, what happens was the adwall will be showing without app running or it displayed outside the app,(addwall was separated to app) it is like an old Airpush adwall. If you know like Mobilecore’s Offerwall it will stick to app even when you press home button their Offerwall will not show as well, I hope you get my point here.

Remember this policy.

“Interstitial/adwall ads may only be displayed inside of the app they came with”

I want to hear your answer with this issue.