anyone use amazon ads network?how about your fillrate?

anyone use amazon ads here? i used that for several months,thought it’s fillrate is very low(60%-70%),but this month(july) is worse(around 40%),what happend to amazon ads?anyone know?

Use it in mediation if the eCPM is good. What eCPM are you seeing?

Fillrate barely at 60% is what I’m used to, which is better than what some others are seeing I guess.

hi yiyinkuang, what’s your major user base?

my app is a search tool ,most of downloads are from usa. the eCPM around 1.1USD,these two days my fillrare suddently drop to 40% ,and eCPM drop to 0.6USD,i do not know what happen to amazon ads.

then why amazon ads. Most of the ad networks have best fill rate and ecpm for us traffic. try removing amazon ads and integrate admob or airpush (both have solid fill rate).

i try to use admob,but admob account can be disable unceremoniously to developers who from China.admob networking is high risk to developers from China,

then try airpush or mmedia