Anyone use Adcolony?

Anyone use Adcolony?
How do you think about Adcolony?
What is your opinion?

I would asked the same question if you hadn’t posted this. MoPub has just released a new version that supports AdColony and Vungle. Are anyone here using AdColony or Vungle?

AdColony good ecpm but very low fillrate, with vungle i had payment problem, i requested many time My payment with no results, then they paid me not all My earnings, then i requested the other part of My earnings and after they paid me all My earnings.

Thanks for your post. I will try AdColony with MoPub.

I do’t want to create so many login id’s just to know how mopub works for the placement of multiple networks.
I am using admob mediation and confused about selection criteria.of various ad network placements.
does mopub manully allows user to select various networks or done automatically?


You have to add your ad networks manually. But the returned ad for your placement is selected automatically based on RTB: The highest eCPM ad wins.

Personally, I believe the AdColony team is just great to work with. If that’s something you guys value, they’re a very caring group that’ll work hard for each dollar. Their technology is top notch and I believe they’ll get to a place that will eventually provide great returns for everyone.

I say give them a shot.

I tried it some months ago…please let me Know Your fillrate because mine wasn’t so good…