Anyone tried these Networks? Pros and cons?

Hi there!

Anyone here working with the any of these networks:





Any reviews will be appreciated.

Appflood can be awesome if you have a good game, but they are useless in “apps”. Only use them for games.

I haven’t used the other networks, but I heard they’re all quite good at least.

smaato has good ecpms and pays, but they pay net 90+ or so

Thanks guys for the replies.

A1ka1inE, why you think the Appflood is working just for games? BTW, what if the “app” is in entertainment category? :slight_smile:

lmaosoft, the payment term of Smaato is 60 days. Have you not worked with them?

Tried it on an app that gets 2.5k downloads a day and earned less than a dollar a day with them for a week. That was using all their ad formats. I’ve spoken to a few other devs and they have had similar experiences. Games however, are way more profitable with AppFlood. I guess it’s mainly down to people advertising way more games on AppFlood than apps. Apps need to advertise other apps for good CTR and Games need to advertise other games for good CTR (with AppFlood at least).

I just implemented appflood in one of my apps. I noticed for the app wall ads you can select if you want to show other games, or other apps, or both, and even select if you want to show tablet apps or games. For now I’m trying a mixture of both, will let you know how it does for me.

I have worked with them and the actual payment term is not 60 days. But they do pay and have good ecpm.

I agree with you if you only put focus on their banner ads, as it is the same with my case as I found their banner has a dissapointing converting.
But appflood’s interstitial and push ad are performing pretty good on two entertainment apps I am working for.
one app is using their interstitial, daily impressions about 9800+ impressions with average daily revenue of about $13. That’s about 1.3 eCPM, not too bad in my opinion.
The other app is using their push notifacation, with 180000+impressions daily, now making a daily revenue of about $130.

I wonder where is your traffic mainly from? That could be a key factor sometimes too.

Or have you tried to contact appflood to get them help you optimize your eCPM?

Our studio is a close partner of appflood, we get many valuable suggestion from their support team.

Hope this helps a little.

Yeah I tried that, but it looks like they don’t have enough apps being advertised. Anyway please do post back your results!

Well I wasn’t using their banner ads, I was using their Push, AppList and Interstitial.
Traffic was from U.S, U.K, EU and Asia.
eCPM after 1 week was $0.20 overall.

I tried contacting support and got no reply.

I also then saw that other developers had a similar experience in the comments on Bill’s blog posts: Make Money with Android Apps

I’m sure games are much better suited to AppFlood than apps.

What about Mobpartner network? Anyone tried them?

I have registered and started to implement their ad system. But I have never finished the process.
It is very complicated, requires human actions. Not worth the time spent IMO.