Anyone tried Tactrick Network?

Hi Guys!

Anyone tried/heard the Tactrick network? Any reviews?

Hi! I tried it. They have good price for click. And also they can pay once a week (that was really important for me).

I went to their site and I cant even find their ad formats…what is it?

Am I the only one around here who pays attention if the first answer is from a inactive, newly created account?

Sorry for making a second post, but as you guys liked my post, I really want you to read this. Please go to .

It seems you’re working for this company… not cool way of promotion.

Yes, you’re right. I just wonder if anyone know this company because they email me with some quite good offers and way good payment terms. I never heard of them so I decide to ask here… but it seems that no one is worked with them.

Tac trick tried to trick us with their one post wonders, should we trust them or trick them :slight_smile: