Anyone tried startapp exit-Ad?

what eCPM are you getting??

I tried startapp on an app and here’s my data for yesterday

revenue download:$1.7

revenue in-App share(i think this is exit-Ad):blush: 0.2


quick math: eCPM for exit ad

(1000/141)*0.2= $1.41

I hope it gets better as they are just started exit-Ad…
and in my opinion their exit-ads are smarter(quick and no lag) compared to other networks…

Thanks for sharing, but 83 downloads isn’t enough to go on to state the eCPM. You really need 1k downloads or more, or your data will just be way off.

I’m integrating it into one of my apps today and will post back when I have some data.

That would be great ! Hope I will get some more data by then…

$1.41 is much better than what airpush is paying these days, Absolutely horrible cpm of $0.10

Hi appsg,
Can you say how many pushes per day you have with airpush, my guess is more pushes, lower cpm…

If I am to use only the in-app(exit-ad) sdk of startapp in my app, does it still get flagged as a virus? anyone tried yet?
also,is there a need for EULA in that case?

Hi amalvj123,

We’ve separated the SDK’s, so you can use either the icon SDK, ExitAD SDK or both.

The ExitAd SDK is not flagged by AV apps nor does it require a EULA.

Hope this helps.


More data

download revenue:$2.95

in-app revenue:$0.04

eCPM: $0.16

I have implemented the exit ad in two apps.
The initial eCPM was horrible, now after a very few days is increasing, it is around 0.30$.
The ad is really very very very quick to show and very easy to implement (they don’t even need a listener).
Earnings are constant and not oscillating like crazy.
One other factor is that earnings are slowly growing. In other networks you get high earnings at the beginning then mysteriously they drop… strange and suspect. Here it does not happen!
Although earnings are not always the top, with this move I think SartApp is currently the best ad network overall, I hope they will implement a good AppWall soon.
BTW the ExitAd is perfect as Interstitial too.

Yesterday report:
downloads: 743, revenue: $5.31
impressions: 1484, revenue: $0.58, eCPM: 0.39

I also implemented exit ads now into one of my apps.
Let’s see how they perform.

I totally agree…Its like they are pre-loaded…
I would very much love it if they paid as good as AP,based on CPM alone…

implemented the exit ads. seem like a very low cpm (0.18$) and revenue atm. will update again in a few days.

eCPM is low but seems to be increasing for you guys. I am going to use them for my new apps since airpush sucks so bad, its not even funny

1st day with the exit ad on one of my apps: 1,130 downloads, 492 impressions, $0.53 eCPM, $ 0.26 revenue.
If the eCPM holds up/increases we could see good results here.

My experiences after 3 days startapp in one of my apps:

Exit-Ads: i like the concept as they aren’t annoying or aggressive in my opinion, but from earnings point of view till now worthless (CPM $0.23)
Icon Ads / Browser Bookmarks: Income seems to be ok, although i already got multiple negative comments mentioning ‘addware’, ‘aggresive ads’ and so on… Not yet sure if it’s worth keeping this concept as it seems to influence user experience and therefore reviews too much.

my 4 days since startapp:

Exit Ads:better user experience…ecpm $0.65…
Download revenue: seems okay, but I saw a small drop in the active users the first day I integrated it…then it went up again…

All in all, I decided to keep it in my app…it seems I make $15 for 1000 app installs…

Is there any way we can integrate exit ad and later just disable it from dashboard ?

i got instal problem when implementing the exit ads

ss (2013-05-17 at 11.28.29).jpg

it said

what i got wrong?
is it the placement? or what?

no one help me???