Anyone tried Mobilecore SDK ?? Pros and cons?

Hey Guys,

Has anyone heard of or tried Mobilecore? Apparently they a new Slider SDK. Does anyone know which ad units they have? How their CPM looks like? I believe they only provide in app ad units. So if anyone has tried their SDK I would love to hear some reviews since I am currently looking for a new network to try out for my upcoming apps this summer.


site build with wordpress, free theme also, no real contact information, no company information :expressionless: it’s probably scam

In addition to ramzixp, I would say their sdk might have some hidden virus code… It looks like a bullshit

Now I’m testing in my app

Ha I was thinking along similar lines…their site is crap and is not very informative… something seems fishy about them.

I just downloaded your app, do you only have appwall enabled? And you call it only at app exit? I am seeing the same appwall over and over with the same apps.

Yes. I implement only app exit adsWall.

Couldn’t find any legal documentation, but after a REP replying it turns out these docs are available after registering.

Hello guys,
My name is Lior, and I run the developer relations at
Indeed the website is currently based on Wordpress and is not the most informative, but don’t get confused -
mobileCore is part of ironSource, a 200 employees company who’s the founder of installCore, the largest software distribution platform in the world, managin over 3M desktops software installation/day.
We invested most of our time in the developer side, and I believe you wouldn’t be able to find any disappointed developer.
Legal documentation is shown before downloading the SDK after registering, and NO VIRUS IS INSIDE IT.
New website is only weeks away and will contain all relevant information in a more arranged way.

I truly believe that an ad-network being judged according to the RESULTS (eCPM, Revenue!) and not according to shiny homepage design.

Our Address:
Rothschild Boulevard 63, Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv, 65785

My personal contact details:
E: [email protected]
M: +972545580401
Skype: liorshkoori

Feel free to ask anymore questions, and please avoid rumors without any basis.

I never understand what people have against Wordpress. It’s an awesome piece of software which can be used for simple blogs but also for huge complicated corporate sites.

Thanks for the information. It’s obviously good to see a rep being proactive and I might check you guys out once things are a bit more complete.

What actual ad units do you offer? I can’t find anything specific on your site.

Also, what are the exact payment terms?

I don’t think anyone is judging your page in not being “shiny”, just that it lacks required information which other Ad networks openly provide.
Having a quality Dashboard, Support and Account section on the website is very important too, as you might see from the complaints towards Airpush, Admob and others.

While everyone wants the best results possible, if you can’t analyse them or access resources related to them in a good manner then the whole experience gets jaded.

Well, I truly believe that a good adNetwork always have a nice looking web page, dashboard, contact information,T&C, examples of their “big” adPartners, and at least to be reviewed on some IT Portals, like techcrunch, mashlab and etc. So it will show that you are public and not hiding yourself. About Installcore ? Application Distribution Platform, really I dont have any idea who they are and probably 99% of people here also does not know about it… We are simple developers and do not spend our times on reading about companies and who they are, so we dont know all of you, it is true. I tried to see who is this and my antivirus gave this screen.(See attachment)

Start with your web pages and take them out from black lists of antiviruses…


hi can you share some data you received…thanks


We promote other apps through App-wall or interstitals that is shown within the app (not full page) and we also have an icon-ad feature that has search and “More apps” offers. The offers are translated to 20 languages and so far the numbers we show are around $1-2.5 eCPM.

We aim to create monetization solutions as well as tools that create user engagement as well; This week we launched the Beta version of the Slider-Menu; A sife-menu that can be personalized and easily added to apps. The Slider menu is configured from our site (after signing in go to Apps and when choosing an app go to Slider menu). Some widgets are for user engagement like “Share” or “Rate us”, and some are for monetization like “More apps” and Search. you can also add a button that sends the user to your other apps on the Play store.

The payments are weekly, and are made every Thursday. Payments can be done via Wire and Paypal - with Payoneer (credit cards) coming soon.
Weekly payments are for revenues of $200 and up, otherwise the payment is made as soon as the sum is reached, or on a monthly basis (there’s no minimum payment).

As for the missing info on the website, we completely agree. We are currently building a completely new site and we actually just hired a product manager primarily for this purpose.

so far 280 apps are using our SDK and and we work closely with every new developer that joins our network.


Those are great payment terms and I like the sound of your ad units.
I will definitely be trialing the SDK soon.

Good to hear that.
We are aware that good payment terms are important to many developers, that’s why we decided to go with Weekly payments.

Data from my app
Offerwall shown = 4021 Revenue = $10.18 eCPM = $2.53

I was integrating mobilecore and I have a question
Can I try it in my app in getjar first?


mobileCore’s site does not automatically support uploading off-market apps, but if you send me the app ID and icon I can add it to your dashboard manually.

This should be fixed in the next site’s update - probably within 2 weeks

Here is the stats from one of my apps with all three MobileCores’ ad units included i.e Offerwall, Icon & Slider Menu :

Offerwall shown = 1533 Revenue = $19.62 eCPM = $12.79