Anyone tried iOS?

How are your results vs Google Play? Is it easy to get 1000+ downloads a day?

Not yet. Though i am curious to know if IOS is worth to try.

For now, I am downloading os x to run it on vmware and learn swift. It can take couple weeks to get android level, I don’t know how to split my time between Android, alternative stores(wants to check amazon), unity3d and now… iOS. It’s mystery for me now, how are iOS stats.

It’s true that Google Play is becoming very unpleasant place. For people without ASO/SEO+house ads+CPI, it’s impossible to get downloads. Everyone says “make quality apps” but nowadays, even you made quality app/game, published, posted on some reddits/social, still it’s very hard to break even. So you need to use blackhat+aso+CPI or spend amazing cash for CPI. Google model is bad, top 200 are still the same developers what are eating 90% traffic.
… btw. it’s interesting that alternative markets (ofcourse zero blackhat or house ads) can get more downloads than big Google Play, wtf? This year I created many apps, most of them didn’t get 100 downloads, one got 500k…and banned without reason. So if anybody wants to get downloads in Play store, luck or drive downloads with house ads or CPI.

Google forces us to go into blackhat or shitty apps ;/

What do you mean by blackhat?

Not easy to get >1k daily downloads in iOS too. Both android and iOS market is similary saturated.

thx for feedback :slight_smile: another reason is that I can’t sell or use IAP for 2013 in Google Play. Create new accounts for spam are easy, account with wallet is harder :smiley:

Maybe you have to just use Google as a homing platform for your apps, where people can download from, and do your own marketing. I’m not relying on organic growth from Google, and trying different ways to push my products/brand. Also, if anyone is after a quick return from apps, they will be disappointed - if you want to make money with minimal outlay, it may take quite some time (1 to 5 years?)

You are talking about your Google Play account and Jumbly? Hmmm, I see you haven’t any traffic delivered to Google Play.

" Also, if anyone is after a quick return from apps, they will be disappointed - if you want to make money with minimal outlay, it may take quite some time (1 to 5 years?)"
bad thinking :wink:

But I do it for fun - I don’t need the money :slight_smile:

Ofcourse… like everybody on “MAKING MONEY with android forum”, especialy when you are asking for review exchange^^

i tried some games on itunes, not much download at all :frowning:

you are a shit. maybe use app2top and be a millionaire? How I got 40 000 installs / day with app2top! Spended $700 - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android here you write that you use them and you have all apps more than 40000 downloads. so you are poor idiot

Actually you no need to attack him for almost every posts, especially in a public forum. You can do so in PM.

And we all know he is a spammer, not much people will respect him here. But he did share something useful sometimes.

I asked for a review because it is free! Have you ever sat back and said to yourself “maybe I’m wrong this time”? I really don’t need the money. I’ve been in the computing industry for over 30 years, and made my money (which paid for my house and cars) many years ago during the infancy of home computing. I also made money programming the computers that handled the automated porn phone lines. I have been a self employed IT consultant for nearly 20 years now, and am semi-retired. However, I have managed to maintain my income by adapting and keeping up with a constantly changing industry. If I can make money in the Android App market place, I wouldn’t mind, but I’m not in the least bit worried if I don’t. To me it’s a hobby. I will do my own tiny bit of marketing on a virtually zero budget…what I won’t do is pay some 3rd party business sponge to make money from my work. If this were my only source of income, I’d invest more in to it.

Money isn’t everything (so I’ve found out)!

Please donate some money made by your apps to needfull people including me also.
I have to promote few of my apps and need extra money. Thanks in advance.

This thread is deviating from its subject.
No effective real IOS experience is shared untill now.

Experience means the head on comparison with android in terms of stats.

Is it even worth to spend extra time on my office chair on this??

I think, we need to search on different sites/forums/blogs, especialy reddit have couple cool stories about iOS development. This forum is poor because no administrator and moderator.
99% people here are not sharing anything, they are community of beggars and they have worse english than my poor skill. Why no “normal” developers here? :smiley: Heh… - the guy with recipe apps

and…more if you search carrefully

I love u ramzixp. You have good thread some times please lure IOS developers. I am on the verge of starting IOS development… waiting good responses…

The package I use can create output for android and ios - I did look at compiling for ios, but after looking at they yearly publishing prices, their restrictions and their T&Cs I decided against it. I prefer the relaxed clothing attitude to android over the collar and tie of Apple.

$100 fee is nothing. Why you here? It’s making money forum, so money is really everything here :wink: