Anyone tried facebook advertising ? Does it worth ?


Anyone tried FaceBook advertising for android games ?
Please share your experience.

I am planning to start it with $0.1 maximum bid.
I have a budget of $1000.

Will it worth to try them on facebook.
Or i should try any other ad networks.


Try appbrain. You may need to up the bid to $0.20 though.

My experience with Facebook ads are not good.

I don’t believe you will be able to pay just $0.01.

I think you will expend at least $0.60.

Depends on the countries you are targeting. For top countries like USA, UK, Australia, Germany, etc you have no chance to get installs for $0.1.

It’s $0.1 not $0.01. :slight_smile:
When try to make campaign on facebook , it shows me $0.1 suggested bidding.

Than what will be the minimum value i should pay for these countries ?

It suggests $0.1 per click if I am not mistaken. Which doesn’t guarantee an install. From my experience less than 25% of the clicks are converted into installs.

I don’t have experience with facebook and clicks for ads, I only ran campaigns optimized for installs and I set it to auto.

For those top countries I managed to get installs for $0.2 - $0.5 each.

Yes you are right. It suggest $0.1.
But, is it possible to pay for installs instead of clicks on facebook ?

You can set your campaign to be optimized for installs:

Bidding: Bid for mobile app installs
Pricing: Your bid will be optimized to get more mobile app installs. You will be charged every time someone is shown your ad

This doesn’t allow you to set a maximum bid for an install but it says it’s optimizing the clicks so you get as many installs as possible. Obviously this means you can pay $0.1 or $10 for an install. Make sure you update your daily budget properly so you don’t spend more than you can afford.