Anyone tried Airpush Banner Ad?

I integrated the new airpush sdk for smartwall+banner and published it.The smartwall and banners are showing fine…
But there are no data for yesterday’s banner requests in their dashboard.I mean all fields across ‘Image Banner’ are zeros…The smartwall count seems to be fine…
anyone else got this problem? Are you getting correct number for ‘Image Banner’?

I’ve got 0 across all my apps on all units for the past few days.
Their system is totally fucked right now.

same - all zeros and the stats for the end of May are not correct

Yeah their system must have had a major melt down…according to my AM they are repopulating the data for last week. I’ve seen some of the data updated but some still missing…hopefully be fixed soon.

Any news on banner ads? Someone got numbers on fill rate and eCPM?

My Banners = 0$ in Dashboard

My banner adds - 0 also. I wrote to support and they requested all my info. I have sent all info to them but no reply yet. I will keep you posted.

@Lowy: Did you compile with proguard? Did you get any warnings with proguard for the new Airpush SDK?

I didn’t get any warnings.
After sending the info to Airpush, they contacted me again today. They asked for the same information again.

Also 0 ! And support doesn’t even answer…

Today im getting stats for image banner
Cmp 0.27

wish i was! Mine still zero.

its showing values now…