Anyone received an email regarding Primarily Child-Directed Apps!

So, now you have to compulsory opt-into Designed for Families program if your app is primarily child-directed. No interstitials allowed, RIGHT? Also i have heard the fill rates suck, so the revenues will be down to 100%. It was a pretty bad decision to have made child-directed apps for me.

Anyone share the same feelings?

What bothers me is that I have to update all my store listings to confirm if my App is child directed or not-_-

yes, it will be very hard to update all apps, some of them will get rejected either for metadata violation, or anything.

Do you guys have kids apps? I have one similar to this link below :

Now, its earning me good money. I have heard that interstitials are not allowed in designed for families program and also fill rates are close to null. Any suggestions like what should i do further?

yes, this thing s*cks, my revenue will drop significantly

interstitials are for sure allowed in designed for families program !!!

Why should fill rate be close to null? I’ve never heard something like that. Not all, but enough networks which support COPPA. So all should be good.

Yes. Interstitials are allowed but they are not allowed on app launch i assume. Currently my app shows interstitial after splash screen and i feel that’s not allowed, or is it allowed?

Please go through the below link :

admob - Android AdRequest returns only onAdFailedToLoad AdRequest.ERROR_CODE_NO_FILL - Stack Overflow

It is compulsory for children directed apps to
opt-in for designed for families program right? As just checking the box for children directed is not enough. Correct me if am wrong.

RockstarDev Thank you. I’ve checked this topic. Even don’t know what to say. Maybe a decision could be to use mediation platform? As they have several networks and fillrate should be better than with one.

What happens if i check the “NO” button under the primary child directed thing and then apply for the designed for families section with mixed audiences selection. That way, i can show ads just keeping child directed tag = true ( problem of fill-rates appear when you have kept designed for families tag = true), right?

Also, are there any networks pure coppa complaint as admob?

Unfortunately it’s another crap that devs needs to handle. The worst thing is for sure it will not gives us more money.
Easiest way it would be to check that app is not directed to 13 year old children. However COPPA regulations says (simplify) it depends on your game/website design. If you have cartoon characters, sounds etc, your content should be marked as directed to children beyond 13 years old.
So, the question is - what now? check COPPA compliance and earn crap? Or don’t tick COPPA and wait for consequences?
I’ve been once in designed for families and it was horrible experience.

What if we do this : don’t tick the COPPA and opt in for designed for families’s mixed audience ages? That way we can still earn with Family-friendly badge.

I use mediation, and COPPA support such networks as Adcolony, Chartboost, Inneractive and Vungle, so my fillrate of course not close to 100%, but at least around 60-70%.

Thanks man. :slight_smile: