Anyone knows why I have such a big drop in daily download?

Hello everyone,

My app recently reached its 1M download, thought it would generate more daily download and actually it was. It booted up to 12895 on Mar 30 but then it massively went down to 9399 on Mar 31 and 5177 on April 1.


I haven’t done anything, no updating or change any store listing. Any one knows why? Is it possible that Google Play changed its app ranking algorithm recently after its new policy?


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 8.34.49 AM.png

Did it go down in the ranking for certain keywords? It could have been over taken by a new competitor

yes, I found my ranking goes down by 10. How come it affects daily download so much…

If your app is at the 10th position less people will see and download it

Is it the end of the first month on the GP ?

It could be a number of things.

Google Play doesn’t update downloads at the same hour everyday. One day they might update the downloads at 10 AM and publish them at 10PM and the next day they might update downloads at 4PM and publish them at 6PM.

Also, I don’t know what timezone they use but daylight saving time (that happened this weekend in lots of parts of the world) might have also influenced your downloads a bit.

Obviously, dropping in rankings is a very important factor, too.

Use to track your ranking in the last days and see if you see a big drop in rankings.

Yes, but I checked history data, sometimes minor drop, never like this massive drop…