Anyone know any good app development platforms?

Hey all. I’m new to this forum (woohoo!) and to app development in general. I’m wondering if there’s a platform or service to help with app development. I’ve been tasked with a project to build an app for a client and I’d like to find a platform that’s intuitive, easy to use, and I can get support if I need it. I figured I’d turn to you guys first before Googling. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Peyton, I was actually in this boat a few weeks ago and I know how challenging/frustrating it can be. I ended up doing a ton of research and Googling and went with a company called CorasCloud ( They basically have an app development platform that lets you use pre-made templates that you can customize to your needs. There’s also a backend editor that doesn’t require code and a frontend visual editor as well. I only ended up using the frontend but there’s tons of videos and support to show you how to use both. Anyway, I’d check them out! Best of luck.

Do you mean SDK (software development kit)? Could you tell us what kind of app do you want to develop? I hear of a company call Yunmai Technology (Yunmai | Provider of Mobile OCR Application and OCR SDK) It is professional for developing optical character recognition SDK and has become one of the best mobile OCR technology and application developers in the industry. I do not know if it is helpful for you. Or maybe you can also search app platforms on google play.

Hi there,It’s depend on the person interest and knowledge in current age Android & iOS app development are on top.

A large numbers of mobile app development platforms available in the mobile market that confuse us to decide which one is best. Recently I have used platforms such as Phonegap, Telerik, AppStudioz and many more. For choosing good app development platform we should have check the target audience, technical features and money.

Affle AppStudioz offers a unified platform to build mobile apps and analyze and optimize user experience. This platform has already been used to build over 1400+ top mobile apps across categories and platforms. The Affle Appstudioz platform is an integrated module as part of the Mobile Audience as a Service (MAAS) platform from Affle.
Affle operates out of 10 locations with India being its R&D and Delivery headquarters. Its other offices include Singapore (HQ), China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, US & UK.

For writing small games I use AGK2 (AppGames Kit) … AppGameKit

Works for me!

Android and iOS are the two major platforms for mobile applications. You can either create native apps or cross-platform apps. Other popular platform is Windows Phone but it is still less preferred in comparison to the other two.

First you have to tell us what type of app your trying to make so we can tell you the tool to use.