Anyone know an Android local photo gallery library?

I’ve been looking for a gallery library, anybody know one?

These are all local files. Basically you give it a file directory and it gets all images and videos there (searches actual directory, not from the MediaStore) and puts them in a nice gridview like the Stock Gallery app. Then there’s some share buttons and details button. And when you’re viewing individual images, you can swipe through with a ViewPager.

I know this wouldn’t take long to code but I’m shocked there’s no open source library. Maybe one of you happened to code something like this for one of your own apps, I’d love to buy it off you if you’re willing to sell. No point reinventing the wheel.

try one of these:

Gallery | CodeCanyon

Cheers danixp, never knew of that site. But it didn’t really have what I want.

I’ve just outsourced the stock Gallery modify job to oDesk, see what happens.