Anyone had any luck with App Walls?

How do they compare to banner ads?

I’m looking for alternate advertising options for my app…


Hahaha… your app has 1337 reviews…

Uhmm, what’s so funny about that?

For a hacking app, that’s an ELITE number of reviews :wink: (1337 = elite)

HAHA… indeed! :smiley:
I totally get what you mean. I was sick and tired of not finding a single decent source to learn actual real hacking. So I made one myself. Plus I do have tread very carefully to keep it as legal as possible :slight_smile:

looks like Hacking books are very popular on play store. Just saw one paid app with cost as $10 and 1000+ downloads. Nice income from simple content based apps there. But of course risky to get app/account banned due to the nature of content.

Hacking books, popular?

No I think it’s just my app :smiley: :cool:

Haha, just kidding XD