Anyone got Airpush payment on net45

The date on payments page has been changed to 15-Jan-2015. Have you got payment today from airpush?

Not yet …

no payment received yet…

The same here, date changed to January 15 now but no payment yet, I contacted my account manager and waiting for his reply.

I got that reply

The payment will be processed on 15 December 2014 (PST) through Wire.
and payment date is 19-dec-2014…

how about those with payment via paypal? anyone received payment?

just got it. Thanks Airpush :smiley:

Just received October payment via PayPal.:slight_smile: Thank you Airpush!

Just got mine too

Hey everyone,

Payments have been sent out already for Octobers earnings.
Please let me know if you are expecting payment and have not received anything yet.


Yes Got it today.

HAIL AIRPUSH :smiley: got my payment !!!