Anyone ever used Smaato ?

Recently, I got email about integate Smaato adnetwork, an adnetwork comes from Singapore. has anyone ever use it? Could you please share experiences about it?

I’ve heard about them before. I believe they are an established Banner/Interstitial network focusing on Asia traffic.

I had used their network. They basically aggregate traffic from many ads networks. So that, their payment term is awful (60 days) and their support is awful to, it took more than a week to get a response from their support. Their payment is awful as well (delay, failed for Wire Transfer, ACH, only Paypal work…). Stay away from them.

In fact, 60 days is the schedule developer will receive payment. No sexual context ,althrough your app is published on playstore, they will reject. Very very awful. i will dont use their network if they dont change TOS.

I just started using them. Their payment terms are not great, but better than many. net60 payout a and $1 min payout (Unlike those other cocksuckers that always hold on to yout last $50 to $100 when you dump them). Paypal only. Ecpm is decent, but you cannot see stats from the current day. Main reason that I tried them is the effortless tag integration (through Mopub).

I have been used Smaato since December 2013.
Although there payment is NET60, I haven’t received any revenue yet. (more than 3 months since last Januaary 2014).
Payment process is delayed by filling tax form, request for full filling up payment information, …

Has anyone used and received any revenue from them yet?

Stay far far far away from Smaato. If you are one of the unlucky ones to fall for their trap, just forget about your money. They will never pay you a dime ever. Its basically a DSP which mediate large SSP traffic. When you are supposed to get paid, they will delay your payments and give you reasons like their partners didnt pay them yet so your payments would be delayed. One of my frd who ran millions of impressions last year is yet to be paid, now over 6 months.

@appsg Thanks your sharing.
As you said, I was lured into a trap. Their support was very active from the beginning, then when the checkout time came, client service was busy or getting issue all the time, and payment is delayed weeks by weeks.
Must keep moving forward with other ads network :frowning:

Hey Appsg,

Could you please explain this? Their website says they are an exchange and you have mentioned they are a DSP. Just a little confused with all these terms. DSP, SSP … PHP? :slight_smile:

DSP means display side platform. DSPs usually go out to publishers and ask them to join networks. SSPs are supply side platforms like rubicon, nexage, admeld. SSPs have huge inventory and they bid on CPMs (mostly). You will notice a lot of programatic buying happens on SSPs. DSPs then connect to these SSPs and push it to your apps. DSPs are nothing but middleman, they rarely have their own advertisers (if any, it would be minimal).

In Smaato’s case, their SSPs traffic is probably 90%, so you will see very high quality ads but smaato doesn’t care about small publishers. I do see many large publishers using them, unless they are idiots who dont care about payments or they must be getting a royal treatment.

Either way, stay far away from smaato

I did received thousands dollars from them last year. But recently, their payments are frequently delayed for more than a month. Stay away from them, there are a lot of better ad networks.

@shuiwo Thank you. Can you suggest any better ads networks for Banner except Admob? Moreover, StartApp does not fit me, their eCPM is pretty low for my apps.

Updated information, I have already received my payment from Smaato (until February) yesterday. Thanks God, at least they pay some bucks. But my March payment is still stuck.